Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bill Brandt British Society 1930's.

Bill Brandt a photographer and photojournalist was born in Hamburg, Germany, son of a British father and German mother In 1933 Brandt moved to London and began documenting all levels of British society.

Parlour maid At The Window Kensington 1939.

Cocktails In A Surrey Garden 1938.

Miss Hibbott, A Lyons Tea Room Waitress 1939.

In A Mayfair Drawing Room 1930's.

Rainswept Roofs 1930's.

Lamplighter Kensington 1930's.

Homes Fit For Heroes 1939-1943.

The English At Home.

Housewife In Bethnal Green 1937.

Parlourmaid And Under Parlourmaid Ready To Serve Dinner 1939.

Piccadilly Circus 1930's.

RMS Queen Elizabeth 1936.

The English At Home 1940.