Thursday, 17 May 2012


A fascinating aspect of genetics is that there’s overwhelming evidence that we are all closely related, making non-sense of political and racial divisions. To be exact the average kinship between people in Britain is sixth cousin, but there are hundreds and thousands of sixth cousins. Which means that most of us can claim to be related to the Queen.
Studies of DNA from the haemoglobin genes suggest that the entire population of the world outside Africa may have descended from a group of fewer than 100 people who emigrated hundreds of thousands of years ago.
It could be what the saints and mystics, like Francis of Assisi, always believed, that all living creatures are kin.
Steve Jones say’s “If you really want to find a connection, there’s a fascinating research paper which proves that there are human genes in yeast. This simple fact is fundamentally astonishing, because it means there is a close relationship between me and a bottle of Chardonnay. Which” He explains “is something I have always known.”

Ha! Ha! lol I like that. Fragment from an interview with Steve Jones. (archive).

Have A Good Day Cousins. X