Monday, 9 April 2012

Anglo Saxon.

Anglo Saxon dress between the years 500 to 1000.

Word Origins:

Kin from Kin, Family, Tribe.

Monday from Monandaeg meaning Day of The Moon.

Tuesday from Tiwesdaeg meaning Day of Tiw or Tew, The God Of Darkness and Sky.

Wednesday from Wednesdaeg meaning Day of Woden or Odin. The God Of Battle.

Thursday from Þunresdæg meaning Day of Thor or Tor, Son Of Odin And God Of Air And Thunder.

Friday from Frigedaeg, meaning Day of Frigg, Frea, Freya or Frija, Wife Of Odin And Goddess Of Love, Motherhood, Fertility And Wisdom.

Saturday from Saturnesdaeg meaning Day Of Saturn.

Sunday from Sunnandaeg meaning Day Of Sun.

Easter from Eostre, The Goddess Of Dawn Or Sunrise.

Freya by J. Doyle Penrose.